Anthony’s passion is helping business owners and individuals ‘achieve their best’.

Since 2003 Anthony M Turner has worked in his own life skills and business development consultancy helping small business owners create the businesses they desire.

Anthony has coached over 3500 independent small businesses, spent 4 years working with business impacted by the Black Saturday Bushfires and Victorian Floods, written 2 books – Dream to Reality…connecting heart & business and Hamster NO MORE…surviving the small business treadmill PLUS co-authored the Award winning Are U Ready…surviving small business disaster – State Winner of  2014 Resilient Australia Award.

Anthony is now a Director and Fellow of The Small Business Institute and spends his non-broadcasting time developing training and mentoring programs for this organisation and the Small Business Mentoring Service.

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Interviews conducted by Anthony include…

Siimon Reynolds – international entrepreneur and marketing expert

Ian Crawford from Candor Training

Trish Fehon – online marketer

Brett Birkill – international manufacturer

Kieran Flanagan – international marketer

Nick Woodward – global online business owner

Lauren Clemett – personal branding expert

Geoff Browne – Victorian Small Business Commissioner

Diamond Rozakeas – Award winning cafe owner

Hunter Leonard – Marketing expert

Jacq Hackett – transitioning to consultancy