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Top Military Strategies For Better Business

When you think about the military, strict regimen and battle may come to mind but the discipline behind this approach can achieve great results for business when applied in a commercial setting,.

Laurus Consulting Director, Steve Scott uses the experienced gained during his 22 year military career to become a market leading professional strategist – supporting business leaders to better manage ever changing environments using the disciplines of military strategic thinking.

Whether you manage a large corporation or small home based business, the principles around planning and strategy will be similar. Steve shares with us his top military strategy tips to help you make the right decisions at the right time.  Some topics Steve through with his clients are:

  • Prepare for change
  • Put ‘strategy’ at the top of your mind and discuss it regularly
  • Be structured in your approach
  • Delegate responsibilities
  • Create dialogue and develop cultural habits around the OODA loop
  • Commit to positive leadership
  • Clearly share your vision and purpose direction

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