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"BSR Audio - Shar Moore as interviewed by Liz O'Dwyer". Released: 2014.
Shar Moore
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Shar Moore’s business experience has not been without struggles.  After the Brisbane floods destroyed her business she faced a tough decision.  She reworked a new business model and launched a business mastermind group, which is highly successful. So successful, it took her from “Broke to BMW in 18 Months.”

When people know their “Y” they can overcome anything thrown in their way. Trauma, setbacks and even natural disasters cannot diminish the vision of the driven individual.

Her big vision or “Y” is to open an orphanage in Thailand (her country of birth) to positively impact the world she lives in and leave a lasting legacy. With such drive and determination… nothing will get in her way. Her dream is quickly becoming reality.

Shar has helped thousands of people enjoy their life, shine and reach their highest potential. She has an incredible ability to help people see past the “vehicle” (product or service) of what they are doing and see the bigger picture… their purpose and “Y.”

As a keynote speaker, Shar’s inspiring story of triumph over adversity compels and captivates even the hardest audiences. Her professional, yet highly conversational style makes her a pleasure to listen to. Her talks are filled with humorous anecdotes and stories, which connect with the listener at a personal level.

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