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"Jennifer Burrows Interview" from BSR by Jennifer Burrows. Released: 2015. Genre: Other.
Jennifer Burrows
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Jennifer Burrows is the founding director of Value For Life Pty Ltd, a communications business based solely around maximising its clients abilities to successfully deliver persuasive, informative and compelling pitches and presentations, transforming their business communications from lacklustre to remarkable.

Jennifer talks about the concerns expressed by small business owners regarding their ability to confidently present themselves, their business and their ideas to either prospective clients or so they can take advantage of a marketing opportunity and more importantly about how to customise their pitch and/or presentation to suit different client types and needs

Jennifer Burrows is also the author of “Picture Them Naked; everything you ever wanted to know about presenting and public speaking and were afraid to ask” which is a conversation about public speaking and presentation skills with those who do it best – real people who speak for a living, including public speakers, presenters and trainers across industry sectors.

Copies of the book and further information about Jennifer is available at

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