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"Jane Cann Speak-Up interview" from Business Success Radio by Anthony Turner. Released: 2016. Genre: Other.

TiME to Grow: Personal/Professional Coaching with Jane Cann

YOU matter, your TiME matters. HOW we live with the TiME we have is often known to us, but WHY we do what we do is not so easy to understand.

Mission Statement – A Safe haven for personal  and professional growth.

TiME to Grow provides a unique, bespoke service to clients, who are seeking a safe haven to escape the busyness of life and create some time to think about the road ahead, with a highly qualified professional coach. The main emphasis is on aligning personal values with the allocation of time, to achieve a life well lived. Within the sanctuary of the coaching rooms, based in Warrandyte, Melbourne, Australia and inspired by nature, reconnecting with who you are and what you want out of life, is the most important desired outcome.

Jane is a qualified nurse who spent 23 years working in the acute sector and it was these experiences that reminded her, every single day, of the sanctity of life.

Confronted by life restricting medical conditions or a sudden realisation that life was coming to an unexpected end, Jane supported and guided patients to:

  • reprioritise;
  • gain perspective;
  • fill the remainder of their lives with joy, forgiveness; and
  • change the way they lived their lives.

Jane learnt that she needed to work with the patient to discover what was most important to them. This often required a sharp refocus on priorities. Sadly, for many of the people Jane cared for it was too late to live a life, created on their terms. Conversations were focused on regret, of dreams unfulfilled, words left unsaid and decisions never made.

If these people taught Jane anything it is LIVE LIFE NOW. Your time is always NOW, not later, not yesterday. Don’t wait until life shakes you around to get on with refocusing your life.

Consider what you are doing here right now, reading this page. You know you want more, yet the fear of failure is strong. You are NOT ALONE.

Every adult knows fear, be it:

  • fear of failure;
  • fear of not being loved or not being worthy of love; and
  • fear of not belonging.

Perhaps, that has been a strategy you have been running most of your life. Staying in your comfort zone keeps you safe, yet by doing so you can cease to grow and develop.

Consider a young child learning to walk. They persist to get vertical and fall down, and they get up and do it again, fall down, get up, fall over, get up and so on. Imagine if we had the courage we all possessed as young children? We could do ANYTHING.

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