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"Felicity Heffernan Interview" from BSR by Felicity Heffernan. Released: 2015. Genre: Other.
Felicity Heffernan
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Felicity Heffernan has  had over 20 years banking and finance experience with the Colonial State Bank.

In 1999 she went to the U.S. to learn how to creatively buy and sell property on vendor finance. Felicity then took what she had learnt in the U.S. and applied the strategies to the Australian Market and commenced her own business as a property Investor working with other investors sourcing investment properties.

Felicity went on to purchase 151 properties in 10 years offering Vendor Finance to people who were unable to qualify for traditional bank finance. In 2007, she commenced another business in Mortgage Broking to help Investors with finance for Investment and people she had in her houses acquire traditional bank finance.

Felicity’s focus is on a high level of customer service, communication and satisfaction. Her main emphasis are:

  • Working with investors providing funding solutions and loan structuring advice to help them grow their property portfolios
  • Providing a high quality customer experience
  • Building and Maintaining relationships with the financial providers that support for investors
  • Ensuring and managing the lending process from initial contact with customer through to post settlement
  • Staying abreast of policy and product innovation and education
  • Building a successful team through training and mentoring

Further information about Felicity can be found at www.propertyloanadvisor.com.au/

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