About BSR

About BSR is the story of how we came to be and who’s involved in Business Success Radio…

Sitting around over lunch one day we realized we were a snapshot of the 2+million small business owners in Australia who regularly experience difficulty getting easily accessible, cost effective information about how to improve our businesses.

So we posed ourselves a question – what can we do to change this?

From that simple question Business Success Radio was born.

As with elephants, the gestation period was long, the labour sometimes difficult and the learning since birth has been intense.

With infancy now behind us, we are proud to introduce the NEW Business Success Radio-  we trust you enjoy what we have created and find it a special place to easily access inspirational talks from successful people along with many tools, ideas and opportunities to assist YOU with creating the business success you desire. Start your business growth journey today – simply subscribe to the BSR Library of Experts by clicking the button below for your FREE subscriptionSign Up for your FREE subscription

Who we are

Liz O’Dwyer

Liz O’Dwyer

Liz O’Dwyer has worked for many years in the corporate and manufacturing arenas. She held various roles with a large well respected Melbourne legal firm as well.

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